Digital Marketing & Branding consultant in Kolkata.

Need a Digital Marketing & Branding consultant in Kolkata? Let’s transform your online presence and make your brand shine together, and We will do exactly what our tagline claims.

about me

Hi, I am Bikram Nayek ( Digital Marketer & Brand Strategist

Brand Building & Marketing Excellence

Brands can drive powerful business transformation and growth that impacts the entire organization. But that calls for a modern approach that is purpose-driven, experience-based and powered by digital.

Everything we do stems from a brand’s agenda. In our 3.5 year of existence, we have worked with brands from over 5 sectors, crafting creative solutions that give your brand the drama it requires to engage, compete, and thrive. we ensure your brand not only engages effectively but also thrives amidst competition. Let’s collaborate to elevate your brand’s presence and performance in today’s dynamic digital landscape.


What we exactly do for you ?

We excel in creating strong brand identities and running effective marketing campaigns that grab attention and resonate deeply. Let us tell your story and boost your brand’s presence online.



Begin with a thorough analysis of your brand’s current position, target audience, and market landscape. Understand your goals and challenges.


Establish clear objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs). Define your brand’s unique value proposition, voice, and messaging.


Create visual and content elements that reflect your brand identity. This includes logo, colour scheme, website design, and marketing materials.


Implement the strategies through various channels. This includes content creation, social media engagement, email marketing, SEO, and paid advertising.


Launch your marketing campaigns across selected platforms. Monitor the rollout to ensure everything aligns with the defined strategy.


Analyse the performance data to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Gather insights to understand what works and what needs adjustment.


Based on the analysis, refine your strategies and tactics to continuously improve and achieve better results.


Maintain ongoing engagement with your audience through consistent and relevant communication. Foster a loyal community around your brand.

Full-Stack Digital Marketing Consultant in kolkata

Consulting brands and start-ups using over 3 years of marketing experience. Using a comprehensive marketing audit and strategic planning.

Acquire an Independent Marketing Consultants on your side to assess your performance and analyze the gaps.