How to find your goals

Sometimes, we might hear people say that we can’t find our purpose because we are the ones who actually have to create it.

But, when we start thinking about it, we might understand that we all can actually find our own purpose and then, we can create it.

Just like with dreams or goals.

Before we can make our dreams come true and achieve our goals, we must know what we want to accomplish in the first place. We take some time and learn more about ourselves.  About what we want to achieve. About our own values and our own beliefs.

That’s the finding part.

Once we find that dream we would like to achieve, that’s when we start creating it. That’s when we start planning how we can build our lives and other things around that purpose we found for our own selves before.

Finding and creating belong together. What matters the most is that we take that time and find our purpose because our own purpose is something really important to us.

We need to build everything around it. What would you recommend to someone who is still looking for their purpose?

Let me know in the comments. 💭

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