Never expect too much

Believing that we can achieve something is one thing. Expecting that we all will achieve something is another thing. Here’s a story.
When I started designing websites, I shared them with other people on other platforms. I expected those designs to do well and I also expected them to bring in some new clients.

When things did not go as planned and as I expected them to go, I felt so disappointed. It happened many times until I realized: it’s time to get rid of those high expectations.
I believed in what I was doing, but I expected some great results and took them as something that will happen. Forgetting I might fail too. And, the same happens to us when we are learning new skills, when we are looking for new clients, and when we all create content.

We start learning that new skill and then we expect some really great results right away. We start looking for new clients and there is something good we expect to happen again.
We create content and we expect our posts to perform well and sometimes, they don’t.

Expectations everywhere.

And, it all makes the whole journey difficult. So, we must get rid of high expectations.
We need to let the results talk once we get things done.

Have you felt like having high expectations has made some things difficult for you?

Let me know in the comments. 💭

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